IDF Europe Summer Youth Camp 2012

Dear Member Associations,
As pronounced during IDF Europe’s General Assembly in Dubai last December, IDF Europe would like you to invite candidates from your associations to submit their applications for the IDF Europe 2012 Summer Youth Camp. A maximum of 24 young adults, aged 18-25 preferably, will be invited to participate in the camp. The deadline for submission of applications is 30 April. The 2012 Summer Youth Camp will take place once again in Rogla, Slovenia, attributable to excellent facilities available. The Camp will be held from 13 July to 20 July.

The programme will include practical, recreational as well as educational aspects including workshops and physical activity sessions in a vibrant and interactive setting. The aim of the camp is to introduce the participants to a European context, in which they can learn from each other and in which they will be introduced to the work carried out by an International non governmental organisation such as IDF Europe.

•    The following items will be adressed during the Summer Camp:
•    Diabetes does not have borders
•    Learning from each others knowledge and experiences
•    Skills to be developed in becoming a volunteer in a Member Association and beyond
•    Supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle: exercise, healthy diet and diabetes
•    Management of an organisation
•    How to become an ambassador for people with diabetes

IDF Europe invites young candidates to complete their applications by sending information about the work they are involved in at national level and by submitting a short essay explaining why they wish to attend the camp and what they could bring to the experience as an individual.

All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by IDF Europe. We expect candidates to be fully insured for healthcare and travel. Candidates should have a good understanding of the English language, as all sessions and activities will be conducted in English.

The youth camp will not be a standalone event, but rather one that will be integrated in IDF Europe’s wide-ranging activities – including those specifically aimed at youth. The purpose is to nurture a new generation of youth advocates and to galvanize their support and knowledge in different advocacy initiatives.

All completed application forms should be returned to

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